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TOPIC: Trading Radar

Trading Radar 18 Mar 2013 18:50 #1

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VLX, one that TS highlighted yesterday has closed above resistance with a UT of 114.75
Also, RSI has broken out too

My chart doesn't show the close of 114.75, it's just the free software I'm using at the moment, but here's the latest chart for reference

Target upto 135-138

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Trading Radar 17 Mar 2013 10:14 #2

Sorry don't have time to do the usual file and post chart but click on link, place in browser or see chartsview bb...I'll be back to "normal service soon" and will simply load a pdf or save and post charts individually....have fun!

as usual dyor..I've traded several of these before so the risk/reward is appealing if/when the target level is hit...mind I'm high risk and 30% swings in these are "common place" so don't invest unless your prepared. (had a good week so can "afford" to take a few more punts, but never complacent as that's when you take the biggest hit...only bzm giving me a headache and trading in and out of that has lowered losses on that one...worth a look for the brave circa 12.25)...the good news I've now got a 5 digit profit in one share started with a two!....never had that before!.....but I'm not selling till it starts with a five in several years...

BZM...I'm waiting for signal..I'm hoping "bottom triangle..very bullish", others will see descending triangle bearish so your (my ave 16p on remaining holding)

RRL..backtest and "first touch" rule

candle old fave and for now still risky as unsure if it's uptrend or bear flag, but still offers good risk/reward for the the third touch rule on this one

ACHL....a small pull back and then this is one for "invetsment imvho" (great fundies also)

AQP..peeved I missed this but "backtest" may give re-entry...I'm looking for 44p but admit 49/50 may give support with 200 day..but best risk/reward on backtest

CZA...IF this retraces to 11p then I'll be taking another punt..good profits last time..that 14p area is pivotal so could be 14-17p bounce, but I'll only go back in around 11p.

TRAP...potential is enourmous!..go dyor though

VLX....researching this one

IAE....112 with tight stops seems logical old fave! the dip as when 40p goes this should fly..long term potential play

KMR..high risk, but 30/31p entry should give bounce (dragged down by sector)

IQE (biased been trading in and out and results Wed risk vs reward very compelling)

AGQ..note this bounced today and it's hard to buy in any meaninfull volume without price moving...shame as I would have bought a wad of these, same issue last week at 11p!

Wads more I'm looking at, but the ones above are top of list for trading/scalping and investing...alos given my risk/reward view for Kaz and Fres (PJ may alos share his view) 515-525, resistance around 550-555, but if this breaks then 650 target

FRES..for now fib 38.2 has held, but for me an opportunity approaches around 1275 on the longer term weekly chart..the trend has changed and been backtested so not normally signals to sell the rallies...the 1275-1280 area for me is a first touch trading play...."technically" shares that have broken strong uptrend over several years typically retrace 50%, some 61.8%...but for now Fib 38.2 is the first area of defence and may stage a fightback....a lot of iff and buts on this one but it's risky and you need to be flexi and know the signal areas...personally any bounce to around 1625 will be an oportunity to economy fights back gold n silver is being de-rated....if there is a market correction of around 10% after May (be prepared) etc then this will roar back into fashion with big gains...hence my flexibility take on this.

GED...good fundies and buy the retrace imvho..worth reseraching this one

GBP...this is very cheap and I reckon 12p target seems realist..yes I'm a big "W" before PJ says so! your note mate, be in touch soon.

CNE..after much wait I'd say this is away to bolt higher very thinks 350 next stop and for invetsment long term this should be a good winner

ENRC..update Wed, risky but looks good with stops

Fags (whatever floats your boat) aka the dip me thinks (scalp)

another view hints to buy around 1050 and target around 1150-1200

POLY..quick bouncne then down she goes?....20 day and trendline key signal area!

RSA..scalp 200 to 20 day?...."invest lower down imvho"

POL...I've watched and waited on this for yonks! any dips to 24ish my view now..I reckon it's worth at least 30-35p and there is mega support at 22/23p so despite being a highly speculative stock I think the risk/reward is appealing and this one is "quite safe" ...go check the fundies on this and you will agree

Not posting as much these days, but wish everyone all the best and good luck!
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