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        We had normal week as about 5 trades were activated. These are Barr(AG)PLC,BG Group,Dialight,Imperial Tobacco and Laird.4 of these are still in profit and 1 (Dialight)has closed already but should have been a free trade due to this moving over 30 points from a first attempt trade. Imperial Tobacco was a perfect trade as this hit the entry perfectly and dropped over 60 points in profit.Barr(AG)PLC was also a perfect trade as this hit the entry perfectly and has moved over 30 points in profit.BG group is 12 points in profit and now should be a free trade as this is still near to the entry.Laird is in small profit of 3 points so not really a big mover. We had some good currency trades during the week which were mentioned in the forums by me so they should all be in good profits especally USDCHF which is 190+ points in profit and a free trade now. So keep an eye on the other currency trades as well for the coming week as some could move a lot if we are lucky.


Please remember to use stops on all trades and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.


For all index and currency live trades its best to keep an eye out on the forums as thats where i post them if they look good.

These trading tips are the ones to watch for the week ahead from 4th November to 10th November.

If your looking for the Navigation bar then please minimize the chat window before clicking the charts.

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