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        There are a few that are first attempt basis trade that should be done for very short term trades. We had a good week of trading as we had about 4 trades that were activated. These are Abdn asset man,BTG ,Home retail and Carillion. The last one Carillion was a short on first attempt . This failed but i mentioned the breakout on the discussion board and recommended a long afterwards.Its always good to keep an eye out on the forums as i will normally mention if i spot something.There was also 1 loss trade which should have been stopped out by the stoploss. Its worth keeping an eye on the previous weeks tips as some of them may still come good. Please remember to use stops on all trades and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. For all index and currency live trades its best to keep an eye out on the forums as thats where i post them if they look good.

These trading tips are the ones to watch for the week ahead from 16th September to 22nd September.

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