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We had a mixed week of trades These are the shares that we traded Last week :

Greencore: perfect 123 low breakout , currently up 11 points

Man Group: 123 low breakout but prize moved lower a few days latter. Still in trade, stops below the 2 point.

Bae: Failed the gap trade. losing trade

close bro: Losing trade , this activated but then moved lower taking us out on price moving below 2 point.

.Its always good to get the feel for the markets before placing any of these trade. Please remember that these are all short term trading tips so some times you have to exit quickly.

Remember to use stops on all trades and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.


For all index and currency live trades its best to keep an eye out on the forums as thats where i post them if they look good.Most trades are discussed on the live chat so if your not using them ,then your missing out on some great day trades.

These trading tips are the ones to watch for the week ahead from 27thjuly to 2ndaug 2015.

If your looking for the Navigation bar then please minimize the chat window before clicking the charts.











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