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TRAILING STOPS 26 Jan 2013 14:11 #1

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I personally work on 4% - Its a given that a lot of people put a trailing stop at 3%. unfortunatley the money men also know this and will often dump a load of stock on the opening bell and buy back at a lower price. This has happened to me twice the last being Barclays where I went to walk the dog and the price was at 184 I had a stop loss at 3% (178) and when I came back in the price was 192 and yet my stop loss had kicked in at 178 (incidentially the low for the day) and I was out of the market. Obviously the price is now near 300 but, there you go I probably would have sold long before then. Hindsight is a lovely thing if you have it..!
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TRAILING STOPS 29 Dec 2012 15:22 #2

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I try and put my stops below the recent low if going long and above the recent high if going short.Then that trade is followed by the 3 contract rule so that way you dont have to worry about trailing your stops. Only downside to this way is the distance away from the recent high or low.If its hundreds of points away then it wont work out due to the risk aspect.Then would adjust to above the nearest support or resistance level.
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TRAILING STOPS 29 Dec 2012 13:55 #3

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I agree. I tend to bail out too early too often then I sit there watching the price head skywards feeling a bit cross. I have had some success by raising my stop progressively as the price rises. I am sure there must be a system to work to though. Any ideas anyone ?
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TRAILING STOPS 21 Dec 2012 20:45 #4

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I would like to have a discussion on the above.

I feel like mastering the above tool could lead to so much more success in trading, certainly would help my own.

I have known it for a while, but I exit my winning trades early far too often. I believe in banking profit, I think it is important, but then again, I still do not trench trade enough, however, learning to keep your winning trades running until they run out of steam is one of the keys to becoming a successful trader.

I am sure Tradesmarter has a blog with regards to trading rules, and he touches upon both trenching and letting successful trades run.

I would mostly like to talk about automated trailing stops, then ones where you input 2 values I think it is, a gap, and a stop. Something like that, its been a while since I have been on the platform. One forms the actual stop distance, and one value is the actual step maybe?

I understand how to manually trail stops, and I would preferably wish to do that, however, time may be an issue now, so need to understand how to automate the process successfully and efficiently.

So.....does anyone use this tool to great effect, and maybe even on a regular basis?
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