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19,000 barrels of oil just waiting to be sold for $1.4m
Revenue of $2.5m Q4 2021
Juicy Gap up to 2.2p that needs filling.
They are currently drilling and just brought a new well online in October.
IG won't allow long positions currently.
Closing only!
Took a position today]]>
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Going into Cash - by: remo Ive decided to close all my positions that i have in the markets and closed all my Funds as i suspect we are reaching the top on the markets soon and decided to move to cash postions. Ive done this on SIPP as well.

My reason is mainly down to the markets going beyond expectations and also the fact that we are having a Brexit and i cant see how the ftse is going to keep pushing higher if the dow and S&p starts moving down. Ftse has only done so well due to the American markets pulling all indexes along with it. The Americans
GDP is slowing and corporate profits are dropping so this does not bold too well for the long term, also earnings are way down on previous years.
The fed has basically pumped tons of money into the markets recently so hence why the markets has been going up.

We have been in the longest bull market ever and are well over due a proper correction. I suspect we are coming to the end of the 5th wave in Elliott's ...I must say i have been having trouble with my Elliott counts as its hard to adjust so am a bit lost on that one as the markets just keep on pushing higher and higher and this is all due to FED just pumping money into

Things cant keep going up for any new trades should be based on short term view in my opinion.

Im mainly going to trade for short term positions in 2020 and will look to scalp.

Good luck everyone in 2020 and hopefully we can stay ahead of the crazy people.
Do your own research please as this is just my thoughts and in this markets with manipulations every where its hard to predict long term now.

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