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SETTING UP YOUR CHARTS. 26 Jan 2013 14:50 #1

  • Uknosferat2
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Its an interesting subject and when I was new to charting I also asked the same question. My personal choice is this.. Firstly when I view a stock (use pro real time like most others) I clear off all the trend lines that pro real time add and I just view the price chart with just the volume indicator (ie the main one with candle sticks on its own and I draw my trend lines) This I feel gives me 80% of my knowledge about a stock. Then and only then do I add indicators - firstly MACD then STOC and then RSI, these are only indicators and should only be used as such, they just increase the chance of a successful trade and definatley should not be used to justify a trade if the candlestick chart is telling you something different. From time to time I add BOLlinger bands but, this is more to find a target area for entry and exit. Incidentially if I had a tip for any newbie out there would be to NOT read any of the SH&^ on bulletin boards (iii or lse) as its full of people Ramping and de-ramping stock with no care for the fact that you could be gambling away your hard earned money, Same goes for any of these sites that charge you for stock tips as they are usually following their own agenda. Money is hard to make so don't go giving it away.. if anyone follows any of my charts its only an indicator for you to bring up the same stock on your own pc and see what you think its not a buy/sell signal its just 1 persons opinion.. Bl00dy hell i'm rambling! Gud Luck
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SETTING UP YOUR CHARTS. 21 Dec 2012 20:12 #2

  • gclark25
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KI, is there going to be more to this?

Im interested in knowing how others set up to.

Personally, and I know its too much for some, I like having and RSI and Stochastic laid under the chart.

On my chart I like 3 mixtures of sma/ema's.

I like my supports with green lines, resistances with red lines, and diagonals as blue lines.
I also like a bolly.
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SETTING UP YOUR CHARTS. 23 Nov 2012 10:17 #3

  • KI
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I have noticed that imho that many on here when posting charts have various bits and bobs added to it. So if i may over a period of a few days/posts set up a chart that reflects the things i like to see on a chart.

I am not telling you folk what you should have on a chart, but i feel if you were to add in a few of my tips you will trade far better, and hopefully gain the one thing all good traders need...PATIENCE.

ok so the first chart will just be a weekly chart with nothing on, the second chart will be a weekly chart with support/resistance and trendlines added and the 3rd chart will be a daily so you can see how the dynamics change. KI
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