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TOPIC: Time for trading?

Time for trading? 07 Nov 2012 21:42 #1

  • ronnie
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Hi Longterm view,

If you don't have much time for trading I would recommend following one of the trading systems detailed in the learning section. They are quite straight forward and don't take much time as regular trading however they need a lot of discipline and you have to stick to the rules.

I am trying out the inside bar trading system and that takes me 10-15 minutes trading from 10 in the evening, which is ideal for me as I have a two year old and get more time in the evening, when he is a sleep! I then don't look at the trades I've made until the following day at 10pm.

A lot of people are looking at the one-hour trading system, so the choice is yours.

Good luck in your trading! ;)
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Time for trading? 07 Nov 2012 15:18 #2

  • Amo
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Hi Longterm View.

I can relate in regards to work and travelling taking up so much time but as I haven't got any kids yet I'm trying to use 2 hours in the evening and as much time as possible weekends to learn as much as I can. I'm also learning as much as I can while at work but I don't think I will be able to get away with this much longer ;)

The Mrs isn't to happy with me looking at charts all the time but I have reassured her she will eventually reap the rewards of all my study :)

As for the 1 hour trading technique I paper traded it very successful last week but tried to alter it on the Friday and would have lost my profits. If you set it correctly today you would have broken even. You could maybe set it up at 9am each day and then refrain from looking at your account until the evening. Then review on the weekend. Even though I'm new to the game I'm fast learning that discipline, risk management and being able to take a loss is far more important than the TA side of trading.
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Time for trading? 07 Nov 2012 15:08 #3

  • Tradesmarter
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If you can't make the time, then you can't trade effectively or learn and study the business. However you could learn trend trading as that takes little time and is easy to manage with stops and limits. You may also be able to do a bit of swing trading, but from what you have said trend trading would be my advice.

BAE is a chart I done a few weeks ago for the swing and the chart also shows where to target the trend follow trade....I've got before and after so you can see where I am comming from


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Time for trading? 07 Nov 2012 13:30 #4

  • longterm_view
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I am very interesting in learing to trade using technicals. I have been trying recently but i don't think i'm putting enough time in. I have more time than I used to but it does not seem enough!

On average how much time do people spend looking at charts, searching for set-ups etc?

I work from 7-5, 5 days a week, 12 hours a day is wasted driving and working. I then have 2 kiddies and a wife when i get home.

From 6-7-30 we have tea, then read and write, have baths and then try to play games before bed.

7.30-8 Talk to wife about the day and things! :huh:

Between 8-8.30/9 I have to price tenders for future work.

So i have from 9-10/10.30 i could look at charts, but by this time i am starting to have had enough. :woohoo:

There is weekend time, but i seem to keep that for family.

I did see remo's 1 hour trading strategy :cheer: and thought that would be most helpful. I have just started to use it, tried today and went long at 5912 only to hit resistance from desending triangle 5924ish. Bailed out at 5884, didnt have a pre-order set for the down target and missed out there.

I realise trading is not for everybody, perhaps time and me are not a good combination to regulary trade.

I only use IG advanced charts and looking at updata (jackozy's) seem to have different spikes, so my resistances/supports (triangles) are at different levels!!

I realise that without the effort and commitment i won't achieve anything. I would just be interested in other peoples views and how they manage it. :)

I'm starting to waffle now. Thanks for listening.
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