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MetaStock Refinitiv Xenith

MetaStock Refinitiv Xenith MetaStock UK is the complete real time data and news software used by the professional trader.

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With real-time data & news software, fundamentals, economic reporting, analytics, and much more, MetaStock Refinitiv Xenith is quite simply the most powerful platform available to the private trader.  

MetaStock UK

It is more comprehensive, more intuitive and more collaborative than anything you've ever worked with... and it's never been available to the private trader until now.  

Access to MetaStock Refinitiv Xenith is included with your MetaStock R/T 19 subscription, and may also be purchased as a separate subscription.

MetaStock R/T + MetaStock Refinitiv Xenith = An Unbeatable Analysis Tool

Add the optional MetaStock software package, and take your technical analysis to a whole new level with the time-tested PowerTools: The Explorer, The Expert Advisor, and the System Tester.

Detailed company information for one-stop research

MetaStock Refinitiv Xenith gives you an incredibly comprehensive list of financials and news

  • At a glance, view price, charts, history, financial, news & research, recent developments, recommendations, relative valuation, and more
  • From the overview page, you can easily navigate to detailed information on price, news, debt structure, estimates, fundamentals, competitors, officers, filings, events, transactions, ownership, and derivatives
  • Quickly switch to a graphic representation of all data and trends
  • Recommendations show you how many analysts recommend "Strong Buy," "Buy," "Hold," "Sell," and "Strong Sell"

These are just some of the features of MetaStock Refinitiv Xenith there are so many more, see for yourself.

Get MetaStock Refinitiv Xenith For 1 Month FREE!

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