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This pattern consists of three candlesticks that represent each day. This pattern is normally seen at the bottom of a down trend.

One large black candle represented day 1, a small white candle represented day 2 and one large white candle representing day 3.

The pattern shows the reversal of a trend during a 3 day period, it starts off with a large black candle showing that the bears are in control and the market is very bearish, the following day it gaps down but the trend is starting to change as it closes on a high and there is not much activity.

On the third day there is confirmation of this reversal with a large white candle signifying that the bulls have taken back control from the bears and the market is now bullish.

Morning Star


morning Star


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Most candlestick patterns should appear close to previous resistance or support levels depending on what type it is. You should only trade a candlestick pattern if it's near these levels.

Don't trade using these patterns if it's not at the top or bottom of a trend. These patterns appear a great deal so you have to make certain you only trade at the right level.  

This is very important as you will end up over trading them and you will end up losing more money than you imagined.